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Polly, ready to have her chin scratched.
David showing off his super cool polydactyl paws.
Christy has been sitting for my two indoor cats since they were kittens. She follows their care instructions to a “T” regardless of how weird. I love that not only does she tend to their food, water & litter, Christy spends time playing with them while I am away. I particularly look forward to the photos & texts updates she somehow finds time to send me. ~ Katy (David & Polly)
Special needs dogs are no problem
Leviticus is a senior pug who needs medication daily and wheels to help him go for walks.
Winnie Mid-City Pug daily dog walking
Winnie lives with Leviticus and needs to wear a diaper inside and booties outside on walks.
Cahirman Meow tux cat
Chairman Meow hides at first, but can be coaxed out with canned food and cat nip.
Calico cat mid-city new orleans
Calli, short for Calliope, shares a home with Chairman and loves to play.
My cats were well cared for, and she even sent adorable pictures every day while we were gone. I could tell my furry friends were having fun! ~ Tejan (Chairman & Calli)
Mr. Shamrock Kitty is a frisky guy with thumbs on all four paws!
Scampi, Shamrock's housemate, looking for just one more pellet of food.
Cat owners are very familiar with this look Paisan is giving me. The "feed me now" face.
I hired Petit Pet Care to cat sit while I was on an extended work and vacation trip in the summer of 2012. I was so happy with the service and care that Christy provided. I had not been on a trip like this for a long time, and knowing that she was there watching my cat Paisan made it possible for me to first concentrate on my work, and then actually enjoy the vacation part of my trip. She took such good care of him. She took photos of him the first few days to ease my mind, and she gave me updates. She was very professional. And I know that she was loving and attentive to Paisan, because even though when I got home, I know he missed me, I could tell he was pretty happy and content! It was invaluable to have someone as great as Christy taking care of my pet. The peace of mind was a great thing. ~ Suzan
Comey Maltese Lakeview
Comet is such a cutie. Here he's anticipating his favorite post-walk treats, baby carrots.
Pepper lab puppy Lakeview
Claire recently joined Comet's household. She loves to play fetch, baby carrots and blueberries.
Thank you so much for watching our pups! they seemed just fine when we got home. i almost wondered if they even missed me. :( its a good thing though, i know they weren't stressed. and knowing you were taking such good care of them, neither was i, and was able to enjoy my trip. i am very glad we met you! thank you! thank you! again. ~ Alex (Comet & Claire)
Ramona loves walks, treats and ear massages.
Max, Ramona's cat, flirting for the camera.
I came home to happy pets! It was clear that they had felt loved and cared for while I was away. Petit Pet Care kept me up to date with texts and pictures while I was away and Christy was even able to charm my super shy dog. ~ Ashley (Ramona & Max)
Dory prefers to drink from a glass.
Leon is super frisky and curious.
WeeKitten loves to be above everyone.
Thank you so much for taking care of my three cats (Dory, WeeKitten and Leon)! They are a handful! They are now spoiled and no other pet sitter will do! ~ Sue
Chai happy dog Uptown New Orleans
Chai is a perpetually happy and perky pup. She needs her Thundersuit when it storms. She loves to watch Animal Planet on the TV.
Jackson Chihuahua mix
Jackson is a Chihuahua mix who loves to snuggle. After walks and dinner we pile on the couch with Chai and their cat, Romeo, for a snuggle.
Alex is the most outgoing of the bunch, seen here stretching out after brisk play.
Cian is the most shy but does like to get her claws in for a good scratch on the post.
Thank you so much for sending us pictures and updates on the kitties, it is soo great to see them looking so happy!!
~ Kate & Steven
(Alex, Cian, Decklan, Georgia & Thyme)

Georgia is more reserved than her two brothers prefering to let them eat first then eat in peace.
Deck likes looking out the window and follows me around the house.
Thyme is an old calico lady who loves to chat up a storm.
Baxter looks to me like Lady from "Lady and the Tramp," but I wouldn't tell HIM that.
Bogie is one smooth customer. How could you NOT give that face a treat?
Alvin, is the calmest of the three. Except for treat time, then he gets very excited.
Three Amigos
The three amigos! Their mom couldn't belive I got them to all sit still.
Batty here can scarf up a whole bowl of food in minutes. Which has earned him the nickname of "Fatty." He is very sweet and inquisitive.
This is Sheldon, Batty's brother. As you can see they are twins! Sheldon is more concerning when it come to eating. Both are beautiful tabby boys!
I hope your holiday was fun and easy - ours was much better knowing you were taking care of them.
Thank you so much for these pics - it helps! ~ Laura (Batty & Sheldon)
Brody's not really a walker, he's content to stroll and stop to sniff the flowers.
Lucky, however, is a power walker and loves to go blocks on end looking for the elusive squirrel.
Freddie's is an old lady, who has to have her food cut into small bits or mushed up.
Gehrig is a young guy, who is very affectionate and quite the talker!
Ciao Quattro! This sweet fella loves treats and to be petted. He wasn't that interested in the mouse toy, preferring to play with my pen and clip board.
Mr. Sammy is a grumpy old man. Nothing wrong with that! I made sure his heating blanket was on and to give him his daily nip of cat nip.
Ruby and Georgia, two beautiful tortie sisters, 13 years young!
Georgia requires twice daily insulin shots for diabetes.
Rex lives up to his name and rules the house.
After eating a few bites of food, all he wants is to be petted and loved.
Gabriella is a sweet girl who shares a family with Rex. Where Rex is an attention hog, Gabriella prefers to be showered with kitty treats.